Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ugh ... I did it.

I did it. I gave in.  I officially have a blog. So aside from some friends having blogs, and being addicted to blogs myself, my little zinnia plant inspired me.

Here's the story.

Leslye and I were shopping at Home Depot over an adventurous lunch break, and we came across little planters. I bought 2 of the aforementioned planters - one containing blue bell seeds, and the other (in the shape of a watering can!) containing zinnia seeds. I've only had them for a week, but the zinnia is growing like crazy. And I feel strangely, maternally proud of my little zinnia. I feel like a good parent, and wanted to share its day-by-day growth with the world. (see photos!)

And that was sort of the last straw. I need an appropriate place for my ramblings and observations. I know it's self-righteous and a bit assuming to think people actually care for what I write. But I'm a writer ... and this is a creative outlet, right? 

And there are so many meaningless things I want to write about! Like my strange attraction to floppy British men who lack any sort of upper-body broadness (which is bizarre because I love broad shoulders/chests ... of the male variety. Note* these men are always outdone by Brian, my very American, very broad-shouldered, very precious boyfriend whom I love more than Colin Firth). And my future pets. And Jane Austen. And my favorite movies. And my zinnia plant. 

See? I need a place for this. And here it is. (And here is my zinnia!)

Day 3

Day 5  

Day 7