Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cleaning Out My Husband's Closet

As a relatively new wife, I have been lamenting with my mother, other wives, girlfriends, mother-in-laws (or is it mothers-in-law?) about the state of their sweethearts' closets. My sweetheart's closet (and his dresser drawers) are chock full of items that belong in one or more of the following places:

A.) The garbage
B.) The Goodwill store
C.) The woods
D.) The garbage

On my current most (or least) wanted list:

Camo hats ...

And this isn't even all of them.

and t-shirts (destination t-shirts are his favorite) ... 

Brian accumulates more camo hats and t-shirts than any boy should. I loathe these items. A few are okay. STACKS AND STACKS are not okay. Would you like to meet my worst enemy? My arch nemesis? I give you ...


It's holey. It's wrinkly. It's silly ... and a bit ... stupid.


And this is my struggle.

Edit: Brian just saw the words "t-shirt" and "stupid" on my screen. I think he took offense.

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