Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A New Leaf

More on this later.

It's been a few days since my last blog post, and it has certainly been an interesting and fun week. Thanksgiving was lovely, even though I spent most of the day at work. I came home to find Lisa still in the sack, sick as a dog. Special K was busting her butt to get everything prepared for dinner, and Dads was watching football. Shocking.

Anywho, I was working most of the day because my current/former job is/was based on a 10-week contract without the luxury of PTO. I say is/was because today is my last day, and while I've met some great people, made some new friends, and had an all-around awesome experience, it's time to move on. Starting tomorrow I'll be ditching all-things-creative, start-up and small business, and moving in with the big boys. I'll be working as a Recruiter (yipes!) for a government contractor located A LOT closer to our home.

It'll definitely be a trade-off, but I'm looking forward to having those things that a small business can never guarantee (you know ... like a paycheck, job security, bonuses, etc.) I say that with a smile because I've had great experiences since entering the working world even though I never saw myself having three different jobs within 6 months. But this is the way life works, and so much has changed that I can't feel sad or despondent about any of it. I'm grateful for the experience, for the people and friends, and for the changes I've gone through.

I can definitely say that I have more confidence in myself and my own abilities. I'm a lot less worried about starting this third job than I was starting my second. I feel like life is a whole new ballgame now, and it's time to own up to my responsibilities, take ownership and know that I'm smarter than I give myself credit for.

ANYWAY ... rant over. There are so many things to be excited about and grateful for, and seeing my husband for the first time in almost a week is one of them.

This guy has been living in a barn with friends for nearly a week ...

Please note: this was at a White Trash party where I was pasty
and wearing excessive eyeliner. Brian's duds and
accessories are from his own private collection.

Shocking, isn't it? I am not kidding. Living in a renovated barn. In the woods. It's Deer Camp, and it happens every year. As soon as he's cleared the turkey from his plate, Brian heads to Camp and I become a hunting widow.

 He's currently drinking excessively, playing cards and sleeping next to these gentlemen:
 Doing these sorts of things ...
 Beer pong ...
 Scary shenanigans involving firearms and too much alcohol ... and antlers ...

 Good friends ... good times ...
Thank Jesus there are two counties separating us when these things happen.


  1. That photo needs to be deleted from existence! GAH!

    Miss you!

  2. This is awesome, love it!

    I think the hat I am wearing is one of the ones you want to get rid of! I do believe it had his fishing license attached to it at some point in that evening