Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Maybe it's Lectie's & Dave's venture into blogging to record Lectie's re-entrance into the world of athletic competition, or maybe it's the result of spending some quality time with crafty, new mommy Meghan, but the blog bug has bitten again.

I know the worst blogs are the ones that are updated infrequently, without any real aim or focus. The best blogs are maintained on a daily (even hourly basis), and produce content that is intriguing, useful or distracting. I can't say that I live/work/play in 1 niche that's supremely satisfying or interesting. I dabble. I go through phases ... with pretty much everything: music, clothes, cooking, tv, movies, books, etc. So that makes me a poor blogger even with good intentions.

I guess when I feel like I have something to say, maybe I'll share it. And the best thing is that no one reads this blog anyway. :)

Brian brought home flowers the other day. I was pretty impressed!


  1. Would you please be kind enough to make my day?

  2. I read (when you post) too! Keep 'em coming!

    Was so great to have you over last week. We need to do that more often :) xo

  3. I read it! And at least your blog posts and funny and interesting. Mine is boring and even less people read it! haha.
    I miss you tons and can't wait for March (we'll have plenty to blog about then I'm sure), but in the mean time this lets me know what's going on with you!!