Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cover the Earth in Pink ...

It's Earth Day, Pumpkins, or so Google tells me. Let's celebrate with some pink, shall we?

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  1. YAY Hug Trees Day!! Off to a great start today... got ready this morning with the television on, the light on in the bathroom while I was in my bedroom with the light on also (even though the sun was plenty light if only I were to open my blinds) straightened my hair with an electronic straightener, ironed my pants AND shirt with an electric iron, heated up some tea water with the electric stove, made sure I drove to work by myself, have been browsing a million sites like crazy today on the active computer and artificial light only, and will be going to the gym tonight to run on an electronic treadmill while watching the TV that's hooked up to it. Good thing I have my reusable metal water bottle make up for all that. I'm such a good hippy.