Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This is what happens when you trap two females in one room day after day ...

No, not cat fights. But Leslye and I do tend to send an abundance of emails back and forth. You should see some of our threads. But that is beside the point. Sort of. 

So, today has been a rather hectic day at the office. And, to liven the mood a bit, I sent Leslye this little tidbit: 

Ya know, just to make her smile because I know she is working her little buns off today. And this is what I receive in reply:

Accompanied by:

current life status:

AHHHH!!! CROPPING A BALDING-MAN'S HEAD!!! (and it's sooo shiny.

photoshop is revolting)

and my desk is hideously messy

and my tummy is having a civil war between potato-salad and instant-grits.

luckily i love old men.

messes don't really bother me.

and i'm about to go home...and sooth the civil war with some hot tea

and cinnamon-apple poptarts. :)

Ah, that just made my day!

In other news ... my plant! Literally growing right before my eyes. It's so satisfying.


  1. look at that...pretty impressive

  2. This made my night. It also made me miss the office!:( You girls are crazy.

  3. bah!
    (well...this day is certainly going to go better..)

    A) --you're bringing muffins
    B) --i will brew fresh coffee
    C) --i have a can of soup for lunch (NO MORE potato-salad)

  4. I wish I could work with you. We already know that we're capable of conversing via the computer with our backs less than 3 feet from each other. What could my position be there? Create a job for me.